In the book Nature and the Human Soul by Bill Plotkin (Depth Psychologist), Soul is defined as “a thing’s ultimate place in the world”. He then goes on to clarify that by place, he does not mean a geographical location. Place is rather the unique “role, function, station or status a thing has in relation to other things… a thing’s [be it human, tree or building] ‘ultimate place’ is its place in the great scheme of things, its quintessential place in the world or universe.” What Plotkin is referring to is the system of interconnectedness and how our relationships with everything on this planet defines us. So when I talk about hunting the soul of winter, I’m looking at the role of winter and my relationship with it. Through this project I am seeking to explore how my relationship with winter and all that it stands for redefines my sense of place and embodied understanding of interconnectedness. What is more interesting is that Plotkin asserts that in order for humans to find their soul or ultimate place, they have to go through a kind of metaphysical death in order to then take up this new role or reconfigure the relationships. This corresponds with winter as a symbol of death and something I explore further on my post on winter.


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