In the middle of January I started noticing signs of spring. The most noticeable was the sound of birds. They’re growing in numbers and their collective tweets are shattering what was an eerie silence cloaking the village. Also there are more days with sunlight now and I can actually feel the warmth from the sun. In autumn I remember a sense of bewilderment coming over me the first time I sat in the sun and could no longer feel any warmth. It was such a strange sensation to experience this- I have never felt this in Australia. No matter how cold it was, if I sat in the sun in Australia, I would feel its heat. The fact that I could not feel this in the height of winter only further served to push me into myself for hibernation. The warmth had to be found elsewhere (in cups of tea and cuddles). Although in some way this further motivated walking as a way of generating that internal heat.

As spring slowly begins to thaw the landscape I feel myself softening too. This place has become less foreign to me now. Funnily enough I am just starting to overcome my shock and appreciate the place of winter in my being just as it wanes for another year. It is as though the spring rebirth is fuelling my acceptance and mirroring an internal rebirth- reframing how I view this village and my understanding of connectedness.


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